Serviced accommodation or The hotel

As any manager will tell you, it is imperative that your colleagues’ travel requirements are met and dealt with in the most convenient and cost-effective way, so they can focus on the important aspects of their job.

An ideal solution for any business to limit their spending on accommodation, is to reserve the accommodation they need in areas of high hotel spend, and to do so at less than half the typical cost of a hotel.

The accommodation comes in the form of permanently available apartments, all appointed to a high standard to ensure the comfort of your colleagues, thus ensuring they’re in the best frame of mind to complete the job they are there to do. It goes without saying, too, that the level of not only comfort, but also privacy, that you enjoy in an apartment cannot be paralleled by a hotel. Not forgetting, this all comes in at less than half the cost of a hotel. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing your colleagues are staying in a place that is familiar and comfortable, easing their transition into their new environment and ensuring they are able to get on with the job in hand. All of this adds up to big savings for you.

There are flexible commitment arrangements, ranging from six months to a year, and shorter terms can be negotiated, meaning this is an ideal solution for any off-site contracts or for long-term arrangements which require a continual presence from your colleagues.

Another advantage of this solution is to avoid the long-winded process of handling expense claims and booking hotels for each individual trip. By having the apartments reserved, you save time on the booking process, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your work.

This solution provides you with the freedom to make your own choices after your time at the office finishes, either making use of the kitchen available, or using the apartment as an ideal base from which to explore the city in which you find yourself. Again, the reserved apartment allows a familiarity to develop for the colleagues who will be using it, meaning their levels of productivity will naturally increase.

While breakfast is not included, it does allow a greater independence for your colleagues who will be making use of the apartments. This adds to the feel of staying in a home away from home, and allows your colleagues to dictate the itinerary of their stay.

A further advantage of the apartment reservation is that you are provided with a high level of availability for the duration of your commitment, adding to the peace of mind knowing that one logistical aspect of business travel is taken care of.

In the current financial climate, this is a solution which is going to be used more and more by a host of companies in varying sectors, knowing they will be provided with good quality, reliable accommodation to allow the comfort of their colleagues when performing business-critical work.